Tess is our January Pet Of The Month!

Tess is a gorgeous 5 year old kelpie whippet cross.  When we first saw Tess as a puppy we just fell in love!  The problem though was when we see her sister as she was also gorgeous.  We couldn’t decide which puppy to take, so we got both! So now we have Tess and Jess!

This photo makes Tess look very regal but she is really a big sook who loves cuddles.  We feed her Canidae dog food because it is all natural ingredients. We know this makes a huge difference to her energy and gives her a shiny glossy coat.

We recently moved from interstate to Gisborne in Victoria and Jess is having heaps of fun exploring new scents at our property.

We love Canidae because we know Jess and Tess love Canidae!